You know you need a CRM. But as a small business owner, you’re likely wearing (too) many hats, and the idea of researching and choosing the the best system is overwhelming.

You might be asking yourself: How do I choose the right CRM from a vast number of options? How do I configure a CRM to the unique systems and processes of my business? Where do I begin? What’s the most important thing to do first?

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What outcomes can you expect from taking this course?

- Clear steps to select the right CRM for your business. 

- Guidance on how to configure your CRM to make it work aligned with how you run your business.

- Learn how to use your CRM in a way that will help you grow your business. 

- More visibility over your sales efforts and networking follow-ups.

What if I already have a CRM?

If you have a CRM and you are not using it, because you don't have time to figure out how it works, then you should absolutely consider joining us!

Help is on the way!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this comprehensive course for small business owners:

  • Key Concepts.
  • How to use your CRM.
  • How do you choose your CRM?

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Why choose Small Business CRM Coach’s online training course?

Check out the rave reviews from small business owners who have benefited from Small Business CRM Coach.

Nancy Gaines

Business Productivity Expert, Gain Advantage Inc.

"I'm sure you've heard you need a CRM in your business and you may be wondering, “What is a CRM? I know I need one, but what does it actually do?”.There's a lot of different parts of a CRM and the best way to hear about them is in this course, the CRM Online Course. For example, you're going to learn some key concepts like sales pipeline, what should be in your sales pipeline? And how do you configure that? You also need to know, what is your business model? Do you work with people one-on-one transactionally or do you develop a relationship over time for repeat business? Those are really key questions for when you're building a CRM decision. And finally, how about, how are you going to track all those records? Your prospects? Your clients? How often they buy? All of that is really important in your CRM. If you're still thinking I need the CRM and not sure what to do, definitely check out this course. Before taking this course, I had a lot of questions but it made it so simple. the exercises made me think about my business it is totally worth it!"
Nancy Gaines

Trina Hoefling


"Lidi's teaching style is reassuring, clear, and professional yet casual. I appreciate her knowledge and her obvious desire to provide truly useful information. It is what makes this course exponentially better than others, and worth the investment. Thank you for helping me become a little less afraid and more intelligent about Insightly and CRMs in general. I am still figuring it out but I have a baseline that has really helped me."
Trina Hoefling

Chris Rogers

CEO & Founder at CO SEO Pros

"The Small Business CRM Coach team is simply amazing, they have been helping us automate our marketing/sales process and has delivered tremendous value for our company. We continue to work with Lidi Mocko and plan to tackle other aspects of the business once we refine the marketing/sales portion."
Chris Rogers

Melissa Lefcourt

Owner of Kailo Acupuncture and Massage

“Lidi is very good at explaining what CRM is, why every business owner needs it, and most importantly, at explaining which tools would be ideal- or tools to avoid- for each business's needs. She really cuts through all the unimportant issues, to provide the best solution possible.”
Melissa Lefcourt

About the Small Business CRM Coach

  • Lidiane Mocko

    Lidiane Mocko

    Small Business CRM Coach

    The variety of CRM options targeting small businesses has exploded with the evolution of cloud computing. With so many options, small business owners don’t have the time or technical expertise to figure out which tools are the best tools to support their business operations. Small Business CRM Coach is here to bridge this gap by providing affordable services to help small business owners navigate the complexities of selecting and implementing cloud software.

The Nuts and Bolts!

What’s Included in the Online CRM Course for Small Business Owners?

  • Access to our Online Course Platform.

  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions.

  • Homework assignments designed to help you apply what you’ve learned to your business right away.

  • One private coaching session.

  • Access to our private Facebook Group where you can collaborate with other small business owners.

  • The opportunity to turn this overwhelming task into something enjoyable!

When, Where, How Long?

  • Access to the online course begins on July 9, 2018.

  • The first group coaching session will be hosted on Zoom, Tuesday, July 10 at 4:00 P.M.

  • Course participants will meet with Coach Lidiane Mocko every Tuesday at 4:00 P.M. MT for six (6) weeks.


  • What is CRM?

    CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Big businesses have used CRM systems for decades. Now, thanks in large part to online software and cloud computing, CRM systems are affordable for businesses of all sizes.

  • What CRM will we be using during this course?

    The course is not based on any CRM system. Course participants will learn the key features of all CRM systems. We will guide our course attendees through the steps to choose the right system for their businesses. We will also provide an overview of the current products available for small business that match the needs of our course attendees.

  • If I take the course, does it mean I need to buy a CRM system to attend? I am concerned I can't afford a CRM system.

    No, you don't. There are many CRM systems with prices ranging from $0 to $20 per user, per month. During the course, we will help you to evaluate what you need for your unique business challenges, which will help you to decide how much you want to spend.

  • How do I know if I need a CRM?

    If your business is growing and information is getting lost in your emails, you need a CRM. If you are tracking your potential clients in spreadsheets, and you have so much data in it that you are having a hard time updating and tracking, you definitely need a CRM.

  • How much time do I need to dedicate for this course?

    You will spend approximately two to three hours per week. This includes the following activities: watching our online course content, completing the assignments, and joining the coaching sessions. Throughout the course, we will guide you. To be truly successful, you will need to commit to doing the work.

  • After I get a CRM in place, do I still need to enter data?

    Yes, you do! Your system is only as good as the data that is in it. In this course, you will learn when to add data to your system, what type of data to add, and how to find the information in it later — when you really need it.